New Patients


Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is a system treatment of common joint and muscle conditions experienced by active people.

AMIT is a revolutionary advancement in sports medicine.

New Patients

There are a series of two appointments for a New Patient.

First Appointment: New Patient Consultation where the patient reviews their medical history with the practitioner. This appointment is necessary to give the patient and practitioner time to discuss their medical concerns, past and present. The patient will receive an upper atlas adjustment (upper neck). The cost for this appointment is $55 and takes approximately 20 minutes. We require a deposit of full amount when scheduling.

Regional Neuromuscular Exam where the practitioner will test the muscles of the entire body. This exam indicates functioning and non-functioning muscles. The cost is $165.00 and takes approximately 20 minutes. Due to the amount of body work, loose fitting and comfortable clothing is recommended. We require a deposit of full amount when scheduling($55+$165=$220)

Second Appointment another day: Report of Findings where the doctor reviews the findings of your case history and exam. A treatment plan will be established and the practitioner will begin AMIT work. One muscle is activated with an adjustment. The cost is $55.00 and takes approximately 20 minutes.

After the patient has completed these two appointments; they will set up a series of appointments according to their treatment plan. Each muscle activated is $55.00, which includes an adjustment.

Payment: We are CASH only practice-We accept cash, check or credit card at the time of service.

Due to the complexities of the insurance industry and their system of cutting payments, our office visits are set up on a Cash Basis. We do not work for insurance companies, we work for you. We will be happy to provide our patients with a “super bill” complete with the charges, procedures performed and the diagnosis. This makes it easy for you to submit the needed information to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Please note that we are not Medicare providers therefore anyone of medicare age cannot be treated in our clinic.

We maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy for “1-2 units” appointments and a 48 hour cancellation policy for “3 or more units” wherein the patient will be charged full price for a missed appointment. The cost will be $55.00 per unit missed.

Monday appointments need notification by Thursday prior to appointment.


In State/ Out of State Package

Many patients fly in from other states and countries for care. Treatment plans usually require patients to come to the clinic two to three times a week for several weeks. Due to long distance travel, we understand it can be difficult to meet this requirement.

To better accommodate our long-distance patients, we offer an After Hours treatment plan, saving time and travel costs. For this service charge, please call the office.