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Are you striving to improve your health, alleviate common aches and pains, discover performance, or enjoy an active healthy lifestyle?

The Healing Power of Touch

We believe in the human body’s inherent ability to heal without drugs or unnecessary surgeries. When severe injuries require surgery, AMIT practitioners work collaboratively to accelerate healing and support rehabilitation.

We believe if all the essential elements for healing are available to the body, it can repair and restore itself quickly. The AMIT method helps determine which essentials are missing, and once delivered, miraculous changes happen.

Using the AMIT method, the power of touch assists the body’s ability to heal, restores health and wellness, and enhances pain free joint motion.

Healthy Lifestyles

Providing the body with needed nutrition is fundamental for vital and active lifestyles.

The AMIT method tests the body for nutritional deficiencies. Essential nutrition encourages the body to repair damaged muscles and tissues.

Active People

Don Sparks

Dr. Buhler provided a service that no one else could and I found it reduced my workload. I found during my career that if I used the best of the medical and alternative worlds, we could produce a better outcome. My philosophy was to focus on prevention rather than wait until an injury occurred. Dr. Buhler had the skills to assist in this regard.

-Don Sparks, Trainer for the Utah Jazz - 19 years

Dan Clark

Doctor Buhler,
You are one of my heroes! You are brilliant, yet humble, ingenious, yet fundamental, cutting-edge, yet methodical, and spiritual as you heal both the body and the mind, all which constitute the soul of man! I affectionately call you my “Voodoo” doctor because you are so much more than a chiropractor. You are a “healer” in every sense of the word! I love you like a brother and take great pride I calling you my friend!! I am your biggest fan!!! God Bless

-Dan Clark, motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems.

Timothy Ferris

I went from lifting 6 pounds to lifting 28 pounds in less than five minutes.
“Do you have pain at the bottom of your right Achilles tendon?” Buhler asked. He hadn’t even looked at this location, and he had pinpointed one of my most serious problem areas.
His spotting ability was incredible. In the end, I tested his treatments with the only jury that really mattered: objective weights.
The changes were not subtle.
Twenty-four hours before my second sessions with Buhler, I performed decline flies with 40-pound dumbbells for a maximal five repetitions.
Twenty- four hours after the session, I performed slow decline files with 50-pound dumbbells (20% increase) for 14 repetitions (180% increase).
Before you aim to improve a muscle’s output (weight or repetitions lifted) by increasing size, it’s important to ensure that the input (neural system) is functioning properly.

-Timothy Ferris, The 4-Hour Body (pg 308-309)

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Buhler's contribution to my life! After 25 years of chiropractors and continued back pain, my aunt (a reputable acupuncturist) insisted that I see Dr. Buhler. Well rooted in alternative healing and dedicated to healthy living, I had not even realized how poorly my body was functioning. Dr. Buhler's AMIT method restored function, agility, resilience, and health. If you want to be in your best body possible, Dr. Buhler's work is an excellent place to start!

-Johanna Hofmeister, CEO, Innovations Educational Consulting

Elite and Pro Athletes

Picabo Street

"Thanks Dr. Buhler, every visit is a wonderful awakening."

I am writing you today in recommendation of Dr. Craig Buhler. I whole-heartedly believe in his ability as a medical professional. When I returned to active training and competing with the US Ski Team May of (2000), my future was uncertain. My ability to compete again, and win, at the world class level was questionable. As I embarked in full time training through the summer and fall, the only way I was able to get through every day of training was with the help of medication. Little did I know my body was not firing on all cylinders, until I met Dr. Buhler fall of (2000).

During my first visit I became aware of a significant number of muscle groups that were dormant in my body. My system was in a grave state of compensation, small muscle bellies doing the job of auxiliary muscle groups and joint lines tracking crocked.

Within two treatments with Dr. Buhler I was training medication free. By spring of 2001 I was winning again. I am totally confident that Dr. Buhler is the main reason why my career ended on the high note it did.

US Ski Team Recommendation

In my humble opinion, it is the US Ski Team's job to provide its talent with the best opportunities for success available. I truly believe Dr. Craig Buhler could have a tremendously positive impact on the future performance and success of the US Ski and Snowboard team. Any team is lucky to be affiliated with him. I am and will continue to be one of the US Ski Team's biggest advocates and fans. Go Team! Thank you for your time.

-Picabo Street

Picabo Street is one of the greatest women alpine skiers ever. At the age of 16, Picabo was on the US Ski team and won the national junior downhill and Super G titles. Then one year later in 1989, she became the only American skier to ever win a World Cup downhill championship crown. However her trip to stardom was not always so good. In 1990 she was kicked off the national program for not having enough determination. She didn't care about the training, only winning at that time. At age 18, she decided to rededicate herself to skiing. The next year she was back on the US team. Two years later she won a silver medal at Morioka, Japan.

In 1996 she tore her anterior crucial and medial collateral ligaments in her left knee. Ligaments that prevent the knee from moving the wrong way, for skier those ligaments are essential. Her knee required reconstructive surgery and strict rehabilitation. Then during a World Cup downhill race two years later, she slammed into a fence going 70 mph. She broke her left leg in nine different places and tore her ACL in her right knee. She was almost 28 and returning to competitive skiing seemed impossible.

Picabo was not going to give up her life of skiing. After two years of rehab she finished from 46th in December of 2000 to 7th in February 2001. Then she turned heads when she finished 5th place at a World Cup downhill in Switzerland. Her comeback almost seemed complete when she won a Super Series downhill event in Snowbasin, Utah later in February of 2001. After her comeback to World class skiing in a pre-games competition, her bad luck came back. Just like she had done before she crashed into a fence going 75 mph. She was not severely hurt, although knocked unconscious. Even through she had constant headaches that came from a concussion she still went to the Winter Games. Then at the Nagano Games she won a gold medal in the downhill competition. Through all her struggles Picabo managed to come back and win.

  • World Championships: 1996 (1st-downhill, 3rd-super G), 1993 (2nd-combined)
  • U.S. Championships: 1996 (1st-downhill, super G), 1994 (1st-downhill, 2nd super G), 1993 (1st-super G, 2nd-combined, 3rd-downhill)
  • 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games: 2nd-downhill, 10th super G.
  • Silver medal in the downhill at the 1994 Winter Games in Lilhammer, Norway
  • Gold medal in the Super G at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Months after ripping her knee to shreds in a ski accident in Colorado.
  • Street joined the U.S. Ski Team in 1989 when she was 17. Seven years later, she became the only American skier to ever win a World Cup downhill championship crown.
  • Late in 1996, she tore a crucial ligament in her left knee, which required reconstructive surgery. She stuck to a strict rehabilitation regime and is competition-ready.
  • Picabo is named after the Idaho two of Picabo. As an infant, she loved to play peek-a-boo. In Native American language, Picabo means Shining Waters.
  • When she wants to get away from it all Picabo heads for a special spot on Maui.

John Stockton

"A gifted healer."

The trainers worked with a top-notch medical team that essentially donated their time and considerable talents. Russ Shields, Lyle Mason, Micheal Lowe, and Craig Buhler were an eclectic but interesting group of practitioners. They provided their services for little or no compensation, considering what they did. Each of these men took turns going beyond the line of duty to take care of me over the course of my career. From serious health issues and surgery to minor upkeep and daily care, their significant talents were put to good use. They also infused medical kits full of personality to the mix. Jazz players missed very few games due to injury- a credit to the entire medical staff.

Over time the doc that I spent the most time with ended up being our team chiropractor, Craig Buhler. Initially, I was less than open to the idea of him even touching me with his some-what unorthodox treatment methods. Later, after watching and experiencing some incredible healing, I gained complete confidence in him, and our association widened.

I became both a believer in and a student of his methods. Using pain as a warning light and muscle testing as the body's tool for communication, he was able to eliminate pain and increase function for almost all chronic and acute injuries with-out the use of drugs. Under his care, sprained ankles stabilized and became pain-free in days, not weeks or months. Tendonitis went away with only a few treatments. It's not an overstatement to say that Dr. Buhler was largely responsible for me enjoying a durability and longevity that few players have come close to matching.

From Assisted: An Autobiography, by John Stockton (pg 176-177)

  • NBA Hall of Fame
  • NBA Utah Jazz
  • 19,711 Points
  • 15,806 Assists
  • 3,265 Steals
  • 1,504 NBA Games
  • 19 NBA Seasons
  • 2 Gold medals

Jeff Hornacek

"Dr. Buhler's techniques take care of nagging injuries right away."

  • NBA Utah Jazz
    • 15,659 Points
    • 5,281 Assists
    • 1,536 Steals
    • 7 NBA Seasons
  • Assistant Coach Utah Jazz (2010-2013)

Mark Eaton

"Even the best athletes are subject to injury and many miss long stretches of training and competition unless they have an edge. That edge is AMIT."

As an NBA All-Star who played with the Utah Jazz for 12 seasons, it was imperative to keep my body in top condition. Early in my career I had the great fortune to meet Dr Craig Buhler and he quickly became a critical component of my training and health team. His ability to activate muscles and joints gave me the edge I needed to compete on one of the biggest stages out there. Not only did I compete but his on-going care enabled me to reach pinnacles of success in my career that would not have been possible without his unique therapy and insight.

Largely due to his proactive approach, I only missed 8 games out of a possible 820 over 10 years! That includes knee injuries, sprains, pulled muscles, sickness and everything else that goes along with being an NBA player. Anytime I had an issue, the first stop was Craig's office!

  • NBA Utah Jazz
    • 5,216 Points
    • 6,939 Rebounds
    • 3,064 Blocks
    • 12 NBA Seasons
  • NBA All Time Leader Blocks Per Game Career Average Of 3.50

Bill Romanowski

"I went from not being able to run to sprinting and performing at a high level in hours."

My name is Bill Romanowski and I worked with Dr. Craig Buhler after a terrible groin injury that I had sacking the quarterback from the Washington Redskins. The NBA was on strike and he came through recommendation from a therapist in Denver. Wow! Amazing!

We worked for 10 straight hours after the game and into the next morning. I went from not being able to run to a really high level of performance. Most importantly, I was able to keep the streak of 243 straight games in 16 seasons in the NFL. I was so amazed at what Dr. Buhler was able to do with my body and well-being that I him recommended to the Broncos, Raiders and to many high level multi-million dollar athletes.

The only bad thing that happened after that first time I worked with him was that I was spoiled and I wanted to see him everyday, but I was in Denver and he was in Utah. I spent thousands of dollars of my own money to fly him out to see me during the rest of my football career.

I believe wholeheartedly that Dr. Buhler had a big impact in me never missing a game in my 16 year career. He is truly one of the most talented doctors I have worked with and would recommend him to any person or program that wants to get a competitive edge by keeping their athletes healthy and performing at a very high level. To add, he is one of the classiest and most professional human beings with integrity and values that I have ever been around. As you can see by this testimonial, I cannot say enough about Dr. Buhler's talents and professionalism. And may I end by saying to get ready to have your athletes perform at their personal best if you bring him on board to help your team.

Bill Romanski played for San Francisco 49ers (1988-1993), Philadelphia Eagles (1994-1995), Denver Broncos (1996-2001), and Oakland Raiders (2002-2003), for his 16-year career in the NFL.

Romanowski won 4 Super Bowl Championships and is the only linebacker to start 5 Super Bowl Games (Super Bowl XXIll, Super Bowl XXIV, Super Bowl XXXll, Super Bowl XXXVII). Romanoski played a total of 243 consecutive games during his 16- year career, was a Pro Bowl selection twice, in 1996 and 1998, both during his tenure with the Denver Broncos.

John Welbourn

"My family has benefited greatly from AMIT treatments. Having taken my wife and daughters for treatments...AMIT has made the difference."

Playing in the NFL for a decade takes a toll on a body. Towards the end of my career, I believed the problems and injuries I had accumulated would be something I had to manage for the rest of my life. After meeting Dr. Buhler I realized this was not the case. Craig was able to work through my vast injuries and get me back to living a happy, healthy life.

-John Welbourn

John Welbourn graduated from University of California, University of California Berkeley. He was drafted with 97th pick in NFL Draft. He became a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, appearing in three NFC Championship games. John played for the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots until an injury ended his season. Over the course of his career, John started 100+ games and has 10 play-off appearances.

John is the owner of CrossFit Balboa, an S&C gym in Orange County, CA. In addition to training MLB, NFL, and other professional elite athletes, he travels the world lecturing about performance and nutrition.

John is retired from the NFL and in 2009 created CrossFit Football, an online training site for power athletes and Well Food Company, a food company focusing on Paleo and primal foods.

John Welbourn played for Philadelphia Eagles (1993-2003), Kansas City Chiefs (2004-2007), and the New England Patriots (2008), for his nine season career in the NFL.

John's Websites

Steven Nyman

"Dr. Buhler not only heals you he teaches you how to maintain your body and keep it at its optimum performance peak."

Dr. Buhler has been a major factor in helping me get back to a high level of ski competition. Ski racing can be punishing to the body. I had suffered two broken legs in three years. The latest fracture was giving me incredible amounts of trouble.

After months and months of constant knee pain, I was on my last straw. In 2005 I had been skiing with major patella tendonitis and was about to quit the sport due to pain. The pain was so bad I could only take two ski runs a day: one to inspect the course and another to race it. Skiing wasn't fun for me anymore. I tried to do everything I could to get back to where I was, but didn't know what else to do.

I had followed all of my therapist's recommendations and there seemed to be no reduction in the pain. I would ask everyone for alternative methods, searching and trying everything from acupuncture, chiropractic to foot therapy, I was fed up. When I was about to quit my friend Torah Bright recommended that I try Dr. Buhler and his Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT). From day one I saw and felt the changes I was searching for.

Dr. Buhler had restored a balance in my body! I not only could walk without pain, I could run, jump and most of all ski with full confidence and no pain!!!

  • World Junior Champion Slalom 2002
  • World Junior Silver Medalist Combined 2002
  • 2x National Downhill Champion 2004, 2005
  • 2x Olympian (2006, 2010 Vancouver)
  • World Cup Champion 2012 Val Gardena Downhill
  • World Cup Champion 2006 Val Gadena Downhill
  • World Cup 2nd Place 2007 Beaver Creek Downhill
  • World Cup 3rd Place 2006 Beaver Creek Downhill

Torah Bright

"Everyone has a team behind them, can't do it with out them. Thank you."

Freestyle snowboarding has me doing aerials 10 feet out of a halfpipe, off 40 ft cliffs and spinning over 90 ft jumps. Needless to say, I get a lot of bumps and bruises.

My training and competition schedule is continuous; I travel all over the world weekly. Dr. Buhler treats me frequently and I have Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) evaluations and treatments prior and after flying out from Salt Lake City.

I'm just one of the many elite athletes that have been helped and maintained by Dr. Buhler and his AMIT methods.

Eight weeks out from the 2010 Winter Games I sustained a major concussion, dislocating my jaw by hitting my chin on the edge of a pipe during competition. I had difficulty with balance and severe headaches. I finally saw Dr. Buhler and was cleared to train by the neurologist after only one week of treatment.

Three weeks later I sustained two more concussions and could not balance well. Again, I saw Dr. Buhler and was treated for the next two weeks prior to the games. He even traveled with me to make sure I was ready to compete.

My balance came back and my body felt great. Thanks to Dr. Buhler's work I competed to fulfill my dream and won a gold medal in the Women's Half Pipe Snowboard Competition.

  • 2013 silver medal Sochi Winter Games Halfpipe
  • 2012 4th European X-Games Halfpipe
  • 2010 gold medal Vancouver Winter Games Halfpipe
  • 2009 1st US Open Halfpipe
  • 1st Winter X Games Superpipe
  • 1st Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe
  • Burton Global Open Series Halfpipe Champion
  • World Superpipe Champion

Travis Jayner

"Within a few AMIT treatments, I was able to push my body further, skate personal best times & win World Cup medals again."

Travis Jayner began skating when he was five years old following the prompting of his father who was a speedskater, when he was a child. Travis excelled in many sports, but his love was and continues to be speedskating.

Jayner competes in the 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m team relays. He has consistently finished in the top ten in National and World Cup events.

Travis likes skiing, skateboarding, yoga, art and music.

  • 2010 Winter Games, bronze medal in men's 5000m relay, 23rd in men's 1000m
  • 12-time World Cup 5000m relay medalist (three gold, four silver, five bronze)
  • Four-time World Cup 1000m medalist (two silver, two bronze)
  • Three-time World Cup 1500m medalist (two silver, one bronze)
  • 2012, World Cup in Nagano, Japan 500m bronze medalist
  • 2011, World Cup Championships 5000m relay bronze medalist
  • 2010, World Championships 5000m relay silver medalist
  • 2009, World Team Championships bronze medalist
  • 2007, World Championships 5000m relay bronze medalist

Elli Ochowicz

"Helping dreams become reality."

Elli Ochowicz is a three-time Winter Games athlete in the sport of long track speed skating. After setting a new national record in the 500 meters and competing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, Elli hung up her skates and set her sights on other dreams.

Two years after retiring, however, she made the decision to return to the ice in pursuit of making her fourth Winter Games team in Sochi, Russia. Months after returning to competition Elli qualified for the 2013 World Cup Team.

  • Winter Games 2002 Salt Lake City- 22nd in 500 m
  • U.S. Sprint Championships 2003-04 1st overall
  • U.S. Sprint Championships 2001-02 4th overall
  • U.S Sprint Championships 1999-2000 4th overall
  • U.S. Sprint Championships 1998-99 5th overall
  • World Sprint Championships
    • 2005-06 26th overall
    • 2001-02 18th overall
    • 1999-2000 24th overall
  • U.S. Long Track Championships
    • 2005-06 1st in 500
    • 2002-03 4th in Senior Sprint Standings
  • 2006 Winter Games Torino, Italy 500m 23rd 1000m 32nd
  • 2010 Vancouver, B.C. Winter Games 500 m

Alex Ochowicz

"Dr. Buhler, with the use of AMIT method, has kept my body well balanced for training and competition."

Alex Ochowicz began his skating career as an ice hockey player. In 2006 he made the switch to speedskating and has rapidly developed into one of the nation's top distance skaters. Alex is on the US National Team.

Whenever I feel off, Dr. Buhler is able to pinpoint the muscle that isn't firing and activate it. Dr. Buhler has been a major part of my success as a speed skater. I always look forward to every visit.

  • 2012 World Cup Team
  • 2013 National Team

Shannon Bahrke

"When I got up from the chiropractic table, I was literally 95 percent better."

In 2002, Bahrke's silver medal in Women's Moguls made her the first of 34 medalists at the Salt Lake Games. However Bahrke's success became derailed with season-ending injuries following the games.

At a World Cup event in February of 2004, Bahrke threw a back flip on the bottom jump, caught her ski tips and landed on the grip of her left pole with her jaw. The result was a broken jaw that painfully ended her season. Bahrke returned to the World Cup circuit the following season, but while training she suffered a torn ACL, partially torn MCL and damage to the meniscus in her right knee, once again forcing her out for the remainder of the season.

Prior to the 2007-2008 season, Bahrke suffered another season-ending knee injury. At this point Bahrke consulted Dr. Buhler because she was struggling to rehabilitate her knee. After weeks of Advanced Muscle Activation Treatments, she was cleared to return to skiing.

At the US National Freestyle Championships in 2009, Bahrke won her sixth US title and became one of the four women selected to the US Moguls Team for the Vancouver Winter Games. She claims winning the bronze medal was her most prized award due to challenges she had to overcome to be there.

Bahrke's history showcases the true spirit of the games in her willingness to overcome all odds to become one of the best in the world. Working with Bahrke and her fellow athletes has been one of the highlights in Dr. Buhler's career.

  • 2002 Winter Games silver medalist
  • 2006 Winter Games-10th
  • 1999 World Championships-fifth (dual moguls)
  • 2001 World Championships-ninth (dual moguls)
  • 2003 World Championships- bronze medalist (dual moguls), fourth (moguls)
  • 2007 World Championships- silver medalist (dual moguls), fourth (moguls)
  • 2009 World Championships- sixth (moguls), 11th (dual moguls)
  • 2010 Winter Games bronze medalist

Eric Schlopy

"Thanks for showing me a new paradigm."

Eric was struggling in his rehabilitation following knee surgery to repair a blown knee the year he met Dr. Buhler. With Dr. Buhler's help, Eric's rehabilitation conditions accelerated to the point he was able to compete.

Eric was impressed with the new model Dr. Buhler introduced him to the new level of function and stability he experienced under the AMIT model of care.

After 18 years as a professional skier, Eric announced his retirement in January of 2009.

  • 1994 Winter Games, 34'th Giant Slalom
  • 2002 Winter Games, 14'th Giant Slalom
  • 2006 Winter Games, 13'th Giant Slalom
  • Bronze medal Giant Slalom 2003 World Championships

Derek Parra

"Dr. Buhler, thanks for helping me get back to the starting line."

Derek Parra is an American inline skater and speed skater. Parra’s most successful season was from 2001 to 2002, where he took home two medals at the 2002 Winter Games. Parra was selected to take over as the U.S. speed skating national all-around coach for the 2010 Games.

  • Gold and silver medalist in 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games

Jackson Brennan

"Two sessions with Dr. Buhler using the AMIT method, eliminated my injury within weeks."

After having one of my college baseball seasons come to an abrupt end due to a back injury, I was left traveling from one doctor to another receiving different diagnosis and treatment options. Like many athletes I was faced with the decision to have surgery or rehab the injury. Coming to a consensus that the problem was due to a stress fracture in the L5 vertebra, I was left with surgical options that involved a spinal fusion or to rehab the injury. After some discussions, rehab seemed the best route. Rehab began from the time of diagnosis to the beginning of the next season.

During this time I managed to get the injury under control. However, a month into the next season, almost a year after rehab had begun the injury sprang up again. It was at this point that I was introduced to Dr. Craig Buhler. During the therapy sessions, Dr. Buhler re-activated the muscles in my back. These muscles had been "shut off" by my body due to the injury. After two, two hour sessions, I was still feeling some discomforts in the problem area and had some concerns.

Dr. Buhler prescribed back strengthening exercises to continue to strengthen the re-activated muscles. Within weeks I was able to comeback from the injury and rejoin the team for the last month of the season.

Sports rehabilitation for a year yielded zero results, verse two sessions with Dr. Buhler, which eliminated my injury within weeks. Since my sessions with Dr. Buhler I have had no problems with my back. I completed my final college season and have been pursuing a professional baseball career for the past two seasons.

Prior I was at the point where I felt all of my options had been exhausted. Surgery did not guarantee a fix and rehab had not been working. With Dr. Buhler's treatments using the AMIT model you are going to get answers. I can't think of how many times I have gone into rehab an injury and not know if the exercises were actually working.

Rehab can be a short- term fix, only treating the symptoms. Dr. Buhler's treatments treat the source of the injury, eliminating the weaknesses your body's chain. This allows muscles to function free from overload and excessive stress. For an athlete injuries can cost you your job. The less time you spend sidelined and the more time you spend performing at your maximum potential the farther in your respective sport you will go.

Dr. Buhler's AMIT method are treatments that work and allow athletes to perform at their maximum potential because their bodies are functioning at the highest level.

Due to the results created by Dr.Buhler's work, I was able to sign my first professional contract with the Tampa Bay Rays.

- Jackson Brennan Professional Baseball Player

Coach Richard Quick

"I thank Dr. Buhler for helping add to my competitive advantage as a coach."

Coach Quick was the winningest women's swimming coach in the history of the sport. He built a reputation as one of the top swimming coaches in the world and was known for his ability to develop student athletes both competitively and as individuals.

Gold medalist Summer Sanders ( Summer Scholpy) referred coach Quick to Dr. Buhler the summer of the 2004 Game trails in Long Beach California. Summer had been impressed with Dr. Buhler's approach to human performance, and how quickly injuries could be corrected. Coach Quick invited Dr.Buhler to Stanford to work on five of his top female swimmers in preparation for the Game trials.

Each of the swimmers had been struggling with various injuries. Throughout the summer Dr. Buhler continued to fly to Stanford for follow up therapy sessions. Coach Quick, his wife June, a physical therapist and personal trainer worked in concert with Dr. Buhler over the course of two months prior to the trails.

The result was each athlete experienced balanced, pain free motion and a new level of function. The Kirk sisters, Dana and Tara, went on to make the 2004 women's US swim team. It was one of the highlights of Dr. Buhler's career to work with a coach of Richard's reputation and the great athletes he coached.

One of the most respected names in swimming throughout the world, six-time Summer Games coach Richard Quick begins his 17th year at the helm of the Stanford women's swimming and diving program in 2004-05. By this time he had won a total of 12 NCAA team titles during his 28-year collegiate coaching career, the most in the history of Division 1 coaching.

Quick has built his reputation as one of the top coaches not only in the nation, but also on the entire planet with three head coaching assignments at the Summer Games (1988, 96, 2000). This includes three assistant coaching tours of duty (1984,92,2004). Quick assumed the head coaching reigns at Standford from George Haines in August of 1988 and guided his first Cardinal team to a national championship the following March, marking only the second national swimming crown in school history at that point.

Quick's Stanford teams won seven NCAA championships, including six in the past 13 seasons, while finishing lower than fifth once and never lower than sixth in his 16-year tenure. His other national titles at Stanfrod were captured with five in a row from 1992-96 and another in 1998. Quick lead Stanford to 13 Pacific-10 Conference crowns, including two in 2002 and 2003. The most recent was 2004 when the Cardinal reached the top of the Pac-10 for only the second time since the start of the new century.

Quick coached 96 All-Americans to 757 All-America honors and helped develop 41 NCAA champions who have captured a combined 63 NCAA individual and 29 NCAA relay titles. He has picked up five NCAA Coach of the Year honors and four Pacific-10 Coach of the Year awards.

In 2004, Quick was inducted into the Texas Women's Athletics Hall of Fame for his coaching accomplishments with the Longhorns. Richard has built a reputation as one of the top swimming coaches in the world. He is one of the most recognizable American figures on the international level.

In his first Games head coaching assignment at the 1988 Games in Seoul, the American men and women brought home 17 medals. At the 1996 Games in Atlanta, the women garnered seven gold, five silver and two bronze medals. Combined a total of 26 medals, the most by any team at the 1996 Games.

As an assistant at Athens in 2004, Quick's Team USA easily won the swimming medal count with 28 medals. At the 1992 Games, the United States captured 27 medals.

Dana Kirk is an American competitive swimmer. She qualified for the 2004 Summer Games in the Women’s 200m Butterfly, and finished ninth in the event semifinals. Kirk attended Stanford University and graduated in 2006.

  • 2004 Summer Games in 200 Fly
  • 17- time All-American
  • 2004 Summer Games, finished ninth in the 200m Butterfly
  • Became the first sisters to swim at the same Games when her older sister, Tara qualified.
  • Two-time Bronze medalist at the 2003 Pan American Summer Games in the 100m and 200m Butterfly.

Tara Kirk is an American competitive swimmer and Silver medalist who specialized in the Breaststroke. She is a former world record holder in the 100m Breaststroke (short course).

  • World (1) 100 Breast – SCM (1:04.79); American (6) 50 Breast – SCM (30.29); 100 Breast – SCY (58:41); 100 Breast – SCM (1:04.79); 200 Breast –SCY (2:07.13); 200 Breast – SCM (2:20.70) 400 Medley Relay – SCY (3:31.74)
  • Personal Bests (SCY/SCM/LCM): 50 Free (23.70/na/28.33); 100 Free (na/na.1:02.13); 50 Breast (na/30.29/na); 100 Breast (58:41/1:04.79 1:08.13); 200 Breast (2:07.13/2:20.70/2:26.91)
  • Stanford’s All-Time Top 10 Rankings
  • 16 Time All-American and 11 Time NCAA Champion
  • Silver Medal 2004 Summer Games