Are you striving to improve your health, alleviate common aches and pains, discover performance, or enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle?

Practitioners of AMIT use the human body’s inherent ability to heal without drugs or unnecessary surgeries. When severe injuries require surgery, AMIT practitioners work collaboratively to accelerate healing and support rehabilitation.

We believe if all the essential elements for healing are available to the body, it can repair and restore itself quickly. The AMIT method helps determine which essentials are missing, and once delivered, miraculous changes happen.

Listen to the results from these competitive athletes!

Thanks Dr. Buhler, every visit is a wonderful awakening.

I am writing you today to recommend Dr. Craig Buhler. I whole-heartedly believe in his ability as a medical professional. When I returned to active training and competing with the US Ski Team in May of 2000, my future was uncertain. My ability to compete again, and win, at the world class level was questionable.

As I embarked in full time training through the summer and fall, the only way I was able to get through every day of training was with the help of medication. Little did I know my body was not firing on all cylinders, until I met Dr. Buhler in the fall of 2000. During my first visit I became aware of a significant number of muscle groups that were dormant in my body.

My system was in a grave state of compensation, small muscle bellies doing the job of auxiliary muscle groups and joint lines tracking crocked. Within two treatments with Dr. Buhler I was training medication free. By spring of 200, I was winning again. I am totally confident that Dr. Buhler is the main reason why my career ended on the high note it did.

US Ski Team Recommendation

In my humble opinion, it is the US Ski Team's job to provide its talent with the best opportunities for success available. I truly believe Dr. Craig Buhler could have a tremendously positive impact on the future performance and success of the US Ski and Snowboard team. Any team is lucky to be affiliated with him. I am and will continue to be one of the US Ski Team's biggest advocates and fans. Go Team!

- Picabo Street

A gifted healer

The trainers worked with a top-notch medical team that essentially donated their time and considerable talents. Russ Shields, Lyle Mason, Micheal Lowe, and Craig Buhler were an eclectic but interesting group of practitioners. They provided their services for little or no compensation, considering what they did. Each of these men took turns going beyond the line of duty to take care of me over the course of my career. From serious health issues and surgery to minor upkeep and daily care, their significant talents were put to good use. They also infused medical kits full of personality to the mix. Jazz players missed very few games due to injury- a credit to the entire medical staff.

Over time the doc that I spent the most time with ended up being our team chiropractor, Craig Buhler. Initially, I was less than open to the idea of him even touching me with his some-what unorthodox treatment methods. Later, after watching and experiencing some incredible healing, I gained complete confidence in him, and our association widened. I became both a believer in and a student of his methods. Using pain as a warning light and muscle testing as the body's tool for communication, he was able to eliminate pain and increase function for almost all chronic and acute injuries with-out the use of drugs.

Under his care, sprained ankles stabilized and became pain-free in days, not weeks or months. Tendonitis went away with only a few treatments. It's not an overstatement to say that Dr. Buhler was largely responsible for me enjoying a durability and longevity that few players have come close to matching.

From Assisted: An Autobiography, by John Stockton (pg 176-177)

- John Stockton

Dr. Buhler's techniques take care of nagging injuries right away.

- Jeff Hornacek

Even the best athletes are subject to injury and many miss long stretches of training and competition unless they have an edge. That edge is AMIT.

As an NBA All-Star who played with the Utah Jazz for 12 seasons, it was imperative to keep my body in top condition. Early in my career I had the great fortune to meet Dr Craig Buhler and he quickly became a critical component of my training and health team. His ability to activate muscles and joints gave me the edge I needed to compete on one of the biggest stages out there. Not only did I compete but his on-going care enabled me to reach pinnacles of success in my career that would not have been possible without his unique therapy and insight.

Largely due to his proactive approach, I only missed 8 games out of a possible 820 over 10 years! That includes knee injuries, sprains, pulled muscles, sickness and everything else that goes along with being an NBA player. Anytime I had an issue, the first stop was Craig's office!

- Mark Eaton

I went from not being able to run to sprinting and performing at a high level in hours.

My name is Bill Romanowski and I worked with Dr. Craig Buhler after a terrible groin injury that I had sacking the quarterback from the Washington Redskins. The NBA was on strike and he came through recommendation from a therapist in Denver. Wow! Amazing! We worked for 10 straight hours after the game and into the next morning. I went from not being able to run to a really high level of performance. Most importantly, I was able to keep the streak of 243 straight games in 16 seasons in the NFL.

I was so amazed at what Dr. Buhler was able to do with my body and well-being that I him recommended to the Broncos, Raiders and to many high level multi-million dollar athletes. The only bad thing that happened after that first time I worked with him was that I was spoiled and I wanted to see him everyday, but I was in Denver and he was in Utah.

I spent thousands of dollars of my own money to fly him out to see me during the rest of my football career. I believe wholeheartedly that Dr. Buhler had a big impact in me never missing a game in my 16 year career. He is truly one of the most talented doctors I have worked with and would recommend him to any person or program that wants to get a competitive edge by keeping their athletes healthy and performing at a very high level. To add, he is one of the classiest and most professional human beings with integrity and values that I have ever been around.

As you can see by this testimonial, I cannot say enough about Dr. Buhler's talents and professionalism. And may I end by saying to get ready to have your athletes perform at their personal best if you bring him on board to help your team.

- Bill Romanowski

Doctor Buhler,
You are one of my heroes! You are brilliant, yet humble, ingenious, yet fundamental, cutting-edge, yet methodical, and spiritual as you heal both the body and the mind, all which constitute the soul of man! I affectionately call you my “Voodoo” doctor because you are so much more than a chiropractor. You are a “healer” in every sense of the word! I love you like a brother and take great pride I calling you my friend!! I am your biggest fan!!!

- Dan Clark, motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems

Dr. Buhler provided a service that no one else could and I found it reduced my workload. I found during my career that if I used the best of the medical and alternative worlds, we could produce a better outcome. My philosophy was to focus on prevention rather than wait until an injury occurred. Dr. Buhler had the skills to assist in this regard.

- Don Sparks, Former Trainer for the Utah Jazz

I went from lifting 6 pounds to lifting 28 pounds in less than five minutes. “Do you have pain at the bottom of your right Achilles tendon?” Buhler asked. He hadn’t even looked at this location, and he had pinpointed one of my most serious problem areas.
His spotting ability was incredible. In the end, I tested his treatments with the only jury that really mattered: objective weights. The changes were not subtle.
Twenty-four hours before my second sessions with Buhler, I performed decline flies with 40-pound dumbbells for a maximal five repetitions. Twenty- four hours after the session, I performed slow decline files with 50-pound dumbbells (20% increase) for 14 repetitions (180% increase).
Incredible. Before you aim to improve a muscle’s output (weight or repetitions lifted) by increasing size, it’s important to ensure that the input (neural system) is functioning properly.

- Timothy Ferris, The 4-Hour Body

I cannot express enough thanks for what Dr. Buhler and his office have done for me. Due to his treatment, knowledge and expertise I am healthier than I have ever been. Six years ago I was in the hospital due to complications with my cancer treatment at the time. I fell very hard and this caused severe nerve damage in my right leg. I was unable to walk for weeks and had to use a walker and/or cane for months. Eventually I managed to walk again but never run. I couldn't have both legs off the ground nor could I put much weight on that leg. That meant stairs were done one at a time and getting off of the floor was a challenge in its own right.

After seeing Dr. Buhler and getting treated with the AMIT method I can run without issue. I can go up stairs without stopping. I can get off the ground without help. I feel incredible and cannot be happier with the results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Buhler. You have changed my life.

Candice - California

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Buhler's contribution to my life! After 25 years of chiropractors and continued back pain, my aunt (a reputable acupuncturist) insisted that I see Dr. Buhler. Well rooted in alternative healing and dedicated to healthy living, I had not even realized how poorly my body was functioning. Dr. Buhler's AMIT method restored function, agility, resilience, and health. If you want to be in your best body possible, Dr. Buhler's work is an excellent place to start!
After seeing Dr. Buhler and getting treated with the AMIT method I can run without issue. I can go up stairs without stopping. I can get off the ground without help. I feel incredible and cannot be happier with the results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Buhler. You have changed my life.

Johanna Hofmeister, CEO, Innovations Educational Consulting

I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Buhler. He has changed our lives and potential is amazing and unexpected ways. I have had cancer and also struggle with Crohn's disease and have since I was young. I've had two surgeries and been on many serious medications with terrible side effects. I noticed after my cancer surgery that I seemed to be weaker and I couldn't get my strength back. I reasoned that cancer must change you forever in ways I don't understand. However, I can honestly say that I was wrong. After completing my muscle therapy to turn my muscles back on with Dr. Buhler, I'm stronger than I've ever been and can do yoga poses and run on the road when I couldn't before. Dr. Buhler is a genius. His abilities as a healer far surpass my understanding, but if you trust him and are patient, you can have strength and health you thought was long since gone. For reasons I don't understand, I am now also much healthier internally as well as externally. I used to be so terrible intolerant of sugar that I couldn't get even a freckle on my tongue without nausea and dizziness. Now as long as I'm careful and have eaten healthily before, I can have a little ice cream or a cookie. I don't know why, but it's helped and healed my body in ways I couldn't have anticipated. I honestly feel like my opportunities and destiny have changed because this great man chose to persevere through all the nay sayers now and years ago because he knew he could forever change people's lives for the better and that is what matters to him.

Mindy Harris